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Hair Loss Secrets of Wealthy Women

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics mostly focus on bald men but this is not the case at Semper Hair LLC in California's Central Valley. Here women are to be found relaxing as the receive the look of a thicker fuller head of hair. "This little clinic has turned my life around and given me back my edge", say's 45 year old Susan Gomez. "I was losing my hair and using Keratin fibers everyday, which was fine unless the weather turned bad or I forgot I had them in and scratched my head".

This small clinic in Fresno's River Park area has a warm feel, part English Country House, part Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, but the hospitality and kindness of the staff is what makes people so comfortable. Bedside manner, empathy, kindness, you will find all of these here, along with an expert knowledge of the permanent cosmetic procedure that can change your life if you are losing your hair.

"Ladies are suprised just how affordable it is to cover the bald or thinning areas on their heads, its been their nemesis for the longest time and after a few visits to our clinic, their confidence skyrockets!" Said Tom Cadman, the Public Relations Officer.

February and March of 2016 will see many ladies abandon the fibers, the Minoxidil and the spray's that held them captive for so long. "In this election year, vote to free yourself from bald spots and flagging confidence, come and see us at Semper Hair, we speak your language". Thanks Tom, I'm sure they will!


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