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Semper Hair LLC was founded in 2014, to offer affordable hair loss solutions to men and women in the Central Valley of California. 


We know how important it is to have hair and how hard it is to lose it. We have been there ourselves, we understand you. Most people can lose weight, get fit, we can even get rid of most wrinkles. But what if your hair is falling out? How do you manage that? Hairpieces, pills and potions don't work for everyone, but now there is another option that is taking America by storm just as it has been so hugely successful in Europe. Scalp MicroPigmentation is our forte!


What sets us apart from the rest is not just our honesty, integrity and expertise, it's also our artistry, commitment and passion. At Semper Hair nobody walks away unhappy. Our team of Licensed technicians specialize in the latest advances in this ultimate hair replacement technique. 



Meet The Specialist

Simon is English, born and raised near Stonehenge in the South of England. He did his graduate school in Oklahoma City (M.Div.) and more recently he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for his humanitarian work in the Philippines in 2013. He served with one of the World's largest Scalp Micropigmentation Groups before setting up Semper Hair LLC in rural Fresno. A highly sought after Micropigmentologist in the Central Valley for his work camouflaging hair transplant scars, and surgeons refer to and recommend him for his compassion and skill. 


Professionally, Simon has taught extensively on how to successfully perform Scalp Micropigmentation and he has been invited by local physicians to consult in cases of Pediatric Alopecia.


In 2014 Simon introduced the "Semper Care(TM)" program, which provides free treatments for veterans who have lost their hair post-deployment because of injury or PTSD. 

In 2022 with thousands of successful SMP Procedures behind him, he is one of the most sought after and experienced providers in the USA.

Why Semper Hair?

Countless times clients tell us that they feel embarrassed, alone and unsure of who to turn to for help. We bridge the gap between the medical and the clinically cosmetic in a partnership that will lead to best practices in health and beauty for all those struggling with hair loss. Our strength is in our honesty, integrity and expertise. At our Semper Hair Clinics, Scalp Micropigmentation / Trichopigmentation is all we do. Whether you are a woman who has lost hair during pregnancy, someone struggling with Alopecia, or a man with male pattern baldness, we have seen it all before. We want to hear your story, we're here to help

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