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There has never been a better time to secure your future, because the Scalp Micropigmentation industry is exploding. Not only are many more people becoming aware of this revolutionary treatment, men and women around the world are recognizing this technique as a solution they can really live comfortably with, and are choosing Scalp Micropigmentation over former traditional options such as hair transplant surgery, grafts, hair systems and drugs.


Our Training and Brand Licensing Package gives you many benefits of a franchise, without the associated costs, and thereby enables you to fully capitalize on this emerging market.


We are actively seeking partners who wish to train with us. Military and Medical backgrounds particularly encouraged to apply for information. RN's and MD's looking to introduce Scalp Micropigmentation to an existing practice should apply using code: MPEC416.


We are actively seeking to expand and/or Partner in the following areas of the world:


  • Oklahoma, USA

  • Texas, USA

  • United Kingdom

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Cebu, Philippines

  • Auckland, New Zealand


We own our own brand of Pigments and have a affordable opportunity available.


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