You're Losing Your Hair?
We Will Restore Your Hairline & Boost Your Confidence in just 2 Weeks for $199*

You've noticed you're losing your hair, you see it in the hairbrush or the shower drain. Maybe other people have noticed and commented? Maybe you see them staring at the bald spots? You've tried pills, fibers, sprays, just about anything you could find. Your confidence is suffering, maybe you are looking and feeling older? When we restore your hairline or give you more density using Micropigmentation, you will feel better about yourself and get back in the game. We specialize in SMP and we are the Central Valley's Best and Most Experienced Clinic, Trusted by Doctors. We work on men and women and we can even camouflage transplant scars. 5 star rated, we can get you financed for as little as $199 Month. Call Semper Hair Clinic for a Free Consultation, if what we do is not for you, we will give you the best advice to help you for Free!
Call us at 559-568-4247(HAIR). Stop suffering and start living again.

Talk is Cheap!

For 11 Years now we've understood that a permanent solution to hair loss means that you will live with the results for a long time. That's why we want to get to know you and make sure that this procedure is right for you. If it isn't we will certainly give you the best advice and if it is, we will offer you the best price (*finance plans start at just $199 pcm) and a flawless result that is undetectable and gives you your confidence back moving forward. Our clients love our kindness, honesty and affordability and we hope you will join our family of thousands who now live happier lives without the worries of hair loss. Reach out, you'll like us! Oh, and we never charge for your first consultation. We even give you free sample products to care for your head! See video after requesting info!


Thank you for reaching out, you matter to us. Please enjoy the video below and we will be in touch as soon as possible and look forward to chatting with you. Feel free to call us at 559-568-4247